168-WATCH lest you attempt to put spiritual power into operation, without at the same time purifying your motive for using it-working to purge it of mortal limitation and finite desire. Six days shalt thou labor with the mesmerism of mortal belief to destroy it; but then must come the Sabbath, where one opens his thought to God for that refreshment that restores him for the warfare. It is not enough for us to declare that God is our strength; we must go to Him to be wound up regularly, as a mechanical toy must be, when it is run down. The Sabbath day is a symbol of turning to God for strength and life and resting in Him. It is the sharpening of one's spiritual tools, so that one may go forth and use them for six days. It is also symbolic of retreating into Soul, in order that one may purify his motives and purge them of finiteness and materiality.