500 Watching Points - by Gilbert C. Carpenter, CSB | Download TODAY! (653K)
The Absolute and The Relative by Judge Septimus J. Hanna, CSD
The 91st Psalm by Emmett Fox
The Acts of Paul and Thecla - an Apocryphal account
Christian Science and Liberty by David L. Keyston
George Washington's Vision & Other Divine Accounts
Death and After - a story about the "drowning" of a Christian Scientist
Money by Mildred LeBlond, C.S.B.
Moral Idiocy (author unknown)
Defending Mary Baker Eddy's Church Manual by David L. Keyston - Response to The Mailing Fund 11/19/98 article
What Prospers Healing? by David L. Keyston
The Window by David L. Keyston
Worry by Rev. Frank Stribling
"You will have to learn to love me more." - MBE by David L. Keyston (640k)
On the Way There by Katherine M. Yates
In the Valley by Katherine M. Yates
Through the Woods by Katherine M. Yeats

Who can feel and comprehend the needs of her babe like the ardent mother? What other heart yearns with her solicitude, endures with her patience, waits with her hope, and labors with her love, to promote the welfare and happiness of her children? Thus must the Mother in Israel give all her hours to those first sacred tasks, till her children can walk steadfastly in wisdom's ways.

One of my students wrote to me: "I believe the proper thing for us to do is to follow, as nearly as we can, in the path you have pursued!" It is gladdening to find, in such a student, one of the children of light. It is safe to leave with God the government of man. He appoints and He anoints His Truth-bearers, and God is their sure defense and refuge. - Mary Baker Eddy, Retrospection and Introspection, p. 90-91
Science and Health 1910 (This book is for sale by Healing Unlimited.) | First Edition (1875) 
Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:3-17) 
23rd Psalm (As taken from Science and Health, page 578) 
Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-12) 
The Lord's Prayer (with its spiritual interpretation by Mary Baker Eddy)
King James Bible
Mary Baker Eddy's Statements to various students in the pioneer days of Christian Science
Place (Previously incorrectly titled: "Letter from Mary Baker Eddy to Adam H. Dickey")
"Wonderful Lesson" as related by Laura Sargent, C.S.D.
Items Published by Gilbert C. Carpenter, Sr., C.S.B. & Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr., C.S.B. (Some of the following books may be divided into sections for easier viewing online.)
Collectanea of Items by and about Mary Baker Eddy (Preface ||| Part 1 ||| Part 2 ||| Addenda)
500 Watching Points - by Gilbert C. Carpenter, CSB | Download TODAY! (653K)
Other Items Published by Early Workers in the Cause of Christian Science
The Absolute and the Relative by Judge Septimus J. Hanna, CSD
Supply (Authorship uncertain, but historically ascribed to Mary Baker Eddy. A visitor to our site writes, "...I have been reading Mr. [William W.] Walter's works; the tone, syntax, and terminology of Supply is identical to that of Mr. Walter's writing, which is quite different from Mrs. Eddy's. Based on this very different style speculate that it belongs to Mrs. Eddy, even though the author is still unconfirmed. Mr. Walter was an independent CS teacher and practitioner around the 1930-40's. You can find out all about him and his works at http://www.eschatology-wwwalter.org")