The Overcoming of Fear through Christian Science
It is difficult to tell of the experience which follows, but the student of Christian Science will readily see in it that acceptance of the truth made the overcoming of fear possible, even as in the case of disease, and that divine Principle is to be relied upon at all times.
While the Titanic was sinking, and during the whole time I was working at the boats, I held to the truth, thereby eliminating all fear. I do not pretend that any man can go down on a ship at midnight, in mid-Atlantic, and succeed in eliminating fear, without hard work. It was hard work, and yet the very conditions which existed on the port side were in themselves a demonstration of the workings of Truth, for not the slightest hitch occurred, and all boats were got away, the last one, which was a flat-bottomed collapsible, floating off the deck. Now it is proverbial that the last thing a sailor will think of is a life-belt; certainly no thought had entered my head of my own life-belt, and I was far too busy at the boats to leave them, even had I thought of it. And this is how I came to obtain my belt.

Due to many things, I have never been able to repay my student loans from college, so for the last 10 years or so, my federal income tax returns have gone to the Dept. of Education as payment on defaulted student loans. Well, in Sept. of last year, after Hurricane Katrina & Rita, I moved from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Wisconsin & started work immediately. This year when tax time rolled around, I figured I had $716.84 coming to me. However, in November of last year, I was in an automobile wreck & my car insurance had gone up to $712.00 for 6 months. It was due in March & I could see no possible way of being able to cover that expense. Even paying by the month would still be more than I could afford on my present paycheck. As the time for the insurance drew closer, I tried very hard to know that "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need", as Mrs. Eddy tells us. Then just a couple days before the insurance had to be paid, I was checking my bank balance with the automated phone & discovered, to my great surprise, a deposit of $716.84 of which I had no record. I knew it was not a paycheck, because I didn't make that much! The only thing it could have been was my federal income tax refund! When I sent in my tax forms, they went to a different area than before & so I was able to receive my refund this time - just enough, almost to the penny, of what was needed for the car insurance! I cannot even express my gratitude for this blessing! Divine Love has once again met the human need. I continue to be so grateful for this blessing, among so many others, that lately my life seems to be a marvel of miracles! But, again as Mrs. Eddy says, what is a miracle to us is perfectly natural to divine Love. I am growing & realizing more all the time that the source of all supply is divine Mind, expressing itself as the divine Love that meets every human need. - Margrette Dutton

Pregnant with my second child, I was is a state of panic. My first pregnancy had not been unpleasant but the delivery had been an horrific experience and one I did not wish to repeat. The search for a doctor to terminate this pregnancy took us far afield from our home state, for this was at that time an illegal operation. Our search brought my husband and me to a dark, dank, nasty office where I met a strange older doctor who was willing to perform the necessary operation. Fortunately, he he scared me more than the pregnancy. At the absolutely bitter end of my rope I begged my husband to find a Christian Science Church.

My daughter was born with club feet but healthy otherwise. They told my wife and myself that they would have to break her feet. We said we would call and schedule an appointment but we didn't. We counted on the promises of God's will to heal all that are faithful. Her feet were healed. Several years later my wife was diagnosed with Graves disease. The medication they put her on wasn't helping so they were going to mschedule partial removal of her thyroid. When she went in for her pre-op tests they found her thyroid was actually underactive so they reduced her medicine then had to take her off of it. Six years later she still has no problems and is not taking any medication. Later that year, I was very heavy into reading God's word and my daughter then scratched the lens on my eye. The doctor said it would hurt for a couple weeks and my vision in that eye would be blurry from 2-6 months.

Back in about 1951 just before I was recalled for Korea, the COP in NYC told me the following: In the 1920's when the Board was a Board, it arranged for certain foreign students, mainly Japanese, to come to Principia on scholarship. One was a Japanese baroness who became lady-in-waiting to the Empress on return to Japan. If I recall she worked briefly as an Assistant COP (Committee on Publication) for Rhode Island. I may be wrong. But I met her in the Tokyo church when I was stationed in Japan. Her name as I recall it was Takaki. They verified this story. At the end of the war in 1945 the Emperor was pressured by the military to continue fighting until the bitter end. The baroness and the Empress had been reading the lesson all through the war smuggled in by the Swedish Ambassador who was a Scientist. The two women prevailed on the Emperor to stop the war who agreed, defying the military. I don't know why TMC has buried this but as far as I know it is true.
In May of 1952 my destroyer was operating in enemy waters in North Korea. We ran guerilla raids ashore. One night we moved deep into an enemy harbor under cover of a heavy fog. I came to the bridge for the midnight watch. The enemy counter radar was locked on us meaning they had their guns on us. It also had guns in fixed positions in the mountains which could pepper the sea with fire making us run the gauntlet. I thought my chances of living were nil. At that point out of the heavy fog I heard the singing as audibly as if I were in the Mother Church; voices coming out of the fog singing "O GENTLE PRESENCE" (one of the hymns written by Mary Baker Eddy) I knew at that moment Christian Science was true and real. We managed to back out of the harbor without incident. It was the protection of Christian Science which saved us and me. I will never forget it.