189-WATCH lest you go to the pool of Bethesda with a thimble as measuring your spiritual desire. This illustration should awaken thought to the error involved in a limited application of God's infinite power. A limited trust in Truth, or a limited application of its power, will not result in much spiritual growth. Why limit the power of spiritual thought? Mrs. Eddy tells us in Science and Health that it reaches over continent and ocean, to the globe's remotest bounds. Shall we limit its power to healing a few sick bodies or a few bothersome ills? Let us eschew any belief in a finite use of infinite good. Once in working for a patient, the following lines came into my thought: In the midst of my darkness my sore heart cried out, Oh, Father, make haste; put the devil to rout; Come down as I travail, and ease my dread pain, So that I may go forth and be useful again! My child, hear My words which thy Master hath given, "All ye that do labor, come up unto heaven." Ask not for My greatness to come down to thee. Arise from thy littleness, up unto Me!