190-WATCH lest you inadvertently fight against the action of Truth as it enters your life and adjusts effect to correspond to cause. War often comes because of this very necessity. Nations become wrong thinkers, and the demand of Truth is that this wrong thinking be exposed, since only in that way can it be corrected War simply means that wrong thinking is being exposed so that it can be corrected. Part of the bondage mortals are under results from the fact that evil in cause is covered up by effect that seems desirable and harmonious. Then, in order to drive mortals to seek refuge from material or mortal mind elements, divine Mind exposes the veritable nature of mortal mind as being fundamentally a murderer from the beginning. Never fancy that Truth is creating an evil when it stirs up the muddy river bed, as Science and Health says, and causes mortal mind to express itself as discord and evil, instead of as human good. The Master said, "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." Truth comes to show that the effect of an evil cause must be evil-an intent to destroy which corresponds with cause. It should never be a peace, peace, when there is no peace. On page 559 of Science and Health, mortal mind as cause is symbolized by the sea, by elementary, latent error, the source of all error's visible forms. Mortal mind as effect is symbolized by the earth, or visible error and audible sin. The latent belief in a mind and power opposed to God is the fundamental error in cause. Before this error is detected and cast out, its expression must become discordant. Often demonstration is needed to force hidden error into expression, and it is this necessity that is apt to frighten students. In II Thess. 2:8 Paul declares that "that Wicked shall be revealed." In explaining this verse Mrs. Eddy once said, "Mortal thought awakened, is startled at its own shadow. While it slumbered, the shadow was unperceived. It must needs learn the nothingness of itself and its shadow; then the fear, which in its ignorance was unconscious, and became conscious at the awakening will pass away-for mortal mind will see that it need not be afraid of itself." Zechariah speaks about the day of the Lord, neither clear nor dark (14: 6, 7). Mrs. Eddy said concerning this: "When a discord is present, remember that, when Love is pushing upon the senses, evil is aggravated and is forced from unconsciousness to conscious thought. Then be not afraid at such times. Darkness should be seen as the forerunner of great light. Then we may rejoice at such times, instead of being filled with fear." Mortal man complains when demonstration drives hidden error into expression; yet this must be done. Paul admonishes us to "rejoice in infirmity;" this must refer to hidden error that is forced to the surface because it is ripe for destruction. From the standpoint of divine Mind as applied to the human problem, the correct expression of an error in cause must be an offence in effect. Mesmerism alone could make it appear otherwise. It is as much an error of mesmerism for mortal man to be apparently in bodily harmony while under the domination of mortal belief, as it would be for one to manifest sickness, while governed by Truth. Job had to learn the lesson that the so-called harmony he enjoyed, with God left out, was deception. Had the human cause back of that harmony been accurately and properly expressed, it would have been inharmony, since in Job's thought effect had taken precedence over cause. Job had permitted matter to take the place of God as the head of his procession. He was loving effect more than cause. This offence of mortal man always terminates in discord; and the sooner it does, the sooner will mortal man be driven to correct his error. When Truth forces mortal mind into an expression which exposes its murderous, destructive nature, mortals learn the character of the sin they commit- the idolatry-when they put matter, which is only the shadow of mortal mind, in the place of God, to worship it, to love, or fear it. Before mortal man will arouse himself to throw off mortal mind, like must express itself in like, so that mortal belief may be unmasked. Thus students need to be warned not to fight the action of Truth as it causes like to manifest itself in like. Truth never produces evil; it exposes it.