191 -WATCH lest you fail to follow St. Paul's admonition to rejoice in infirmity. Wood choppers cut down trees during the winter. Then they rejoice when the spring freshets come, because they furnish the motive power to sweep the logs down to the mills. Our study of the letter of Science and our effort to establish its truths in consciousness correspond to cutting down the trees. Then through the compelling nature of affliction and infirmity, we are forced to seek the divine remedy, to translate our understanding into demonstration, so that it becomes practical and established. On page 254 of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy says to fear not the mighty floods and storms which we encounter when we launch our bark upon the ever-agitated but healthful waters of truth, but the quiet surface of error, where in human harmony we are lulled into the sleep of stagnation and death. Rightly understood, the storms which come to overflow the placid waters of human harmony, help to sweep our understanding down the rivers of demonstration to the ocean of divine Love, where spiritualized thought mingles and unites with God. Hence we should rejoice in such storms.