197-WATCH lest you seek the power of God with an inferior, or human motive. We should fear to continue to engage the services of the universal Blesser of mankind, merely to remove our warts and to pay our bills. As one grows in understanding, he should realize that the blessings he receives from God come as legitimate commissions, earned through a successful effort to spiritualize his own thought, and to reflect more and more good to all humanity. He should realize that a motive satisfactory to God must accompany every demonstration, in order to make it scientifically effective. When a mature student seeks to reflect the power of God, as he should do constantly, he should have a lofty motive for claiming his spiritual rights. The mortal purpose is unselfed, as Mrs. Eddy tells us it should be, only as one desires to help mankind, and to show forth the glory of God, with no thought of personal rewards. An inferior motive tends to nullify the effectiveness of scientific demonstration. One helpful definition of the fear of the Lord would be to fear lest one seek His power with any motive but to do good to all, a love for all, and a desire to bless all.