Excerpts from the C. S. Journal, Vol. VI, 1889
(This whole article bears reading today to understand the nature of evil directed at our Leader and the cause of Truth she labored to establish for mankind's benefit.)
"One of the greatest crimes practiced in, or known to, the ages, is mental assassination. ...This criminal practice, this 'wickedness in high places', has accumulated in subtilty of method until it culminates at this period in 'spiritual wickedness' and poses its power to do evil against the spiritual power in Christian Science to demonstrate good. When first denounced by me 'from the housetops', in SCIENCE AND HEALTH thirteen years ago, the revelation was received with incredulity, with derision, with pity. Today Scientists are learning, and the general public is experiencing more and more, the terrible realities of mental malpractice and assassination.
"It is no longer possible to keep still concerning these things-nay, it is criminal to hold silence and to cover crime that grows bolder and picks off its victims as sharpshooters pick off the officers of an attacking force.
"These secret, heaven-defying enormities must be proclaimed, or we become guilty before God as accessory after the fact. If a friend were fallen upon and maltreated or murdered before our eyes, should we hold ourselves guiltless-should we count ourselves men and women-if we buried the secret of the violence and our knowledge of the assassins ?
"Are we such cowards, knowing the facts that we do know, as to turn and run? Shall we see the evil, the deadly danger that threatens our brother and to hide ourselves, flee away not warning him?
"The Science of mind uncovers to Scientists secret sin, even more distinctly than so-called physical crimes are visible to the personal senses; crime is always veiled in obscurity, but Science fastens guilt upon its author through mind, with the certainty and directness of the eye of God himself." Divinity Course and General Collectanea, p. 149-150.