203-WATCH lest you be like the dog in AEsop's Fables, which, looking into the water, thought he saw another dog with a bone. In trying to get the second bone, he lost the one he had. Animal magnetism tricks us into letting go our hold on substance, in the attempt to seize the shadow. Lust is really the belief in effect as substance, and the consequent desire for it, which causes one to lose substance in its shadow. The animal magnetism that befools mortal man into seeking effect rather than cause, is described in Psalm 106, where the Children of Israel "lusted exceedingly" in the wilderness. The baneful effect on their spiritual thought of yielding to this error, namely, of believing that effect could satisfy man's spiritual yearnings, and that the hunger man feels is for effect, is graphically set forth in these words, And God "sent leanness into their soul."