207-WATCH lest you accept a sense of criticism of the elder brothers in our Movement, who feed on the sweet revealings of truth year after year, but who never roll up their sleeves and go down into Egypt to expose the hidden workings of animal magnetism, in order to free mortals. These angelic students have a God-given place, because they stand in the Cause as living witnesses to the effect of Christian Science on the lives of its followers. On the other hand, those who really sustain the Cause and enable these angelic students to carry on, are those who have love, courage and determination enough to delve into the hidden secrets of error, as our beloved Leader did. They are the ones who do the consecrated mental work that meets the opposition of animal magnetism and overcomes it. Sometimes the "angelic host" criticize and even persecute the "devil-chasers." Mrs. Eddy herself experienced this criticism at the hands of some of her students. Compassion enabled her to say, however, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing to their best friend, the one who is facing the winds, and doing the real work that is establishing and sustaining Christian Science on the earth." If soldiers in spotless uniforms were parading in time of war, and should encounter their brethren whose uniforms were torn and dirty as the result of actual conflict with the enemy, it would be unseemly for the former to criticize the latter. When one student in Science, who feels that he is making a fine personal demonstration, is tempted to criticize another, who is battling with error and bears the marks of this warfare, he should refrain until he knows all the circumstances, lest he be found hurting the oil and the wine, thus adding to the burden of one who is bravely fighting in behalf of all Christian Scientists and the world.