21-WATCH lest you believe that your spiritual momentum can be maintained by aught but daily demonstration. The Bible records that the Children of Israel had to make a demonstration of manna each day. Only daily mental alertness and activity can assure consistent and constant progress in Christian Science. If students fancy that they can progress by resting on past demonstrations or attainments, no matter how long they may have named the name of Christian Science. or studied it, the pull of mortal thought, or mesmerism, stands ready to drag thought down to its level, unless it is actively resisted. No doubt this is what Mrs. Eddy meant when she told us to handle animal magnetism. To be sure, there may be dark hours when one may have to rest in what one has already demonstrated, hours of floating in a consciousness of good; but such times do not represent progress. They are resting points for the swimmer. It may not seem scientific to declare that the claim of matter seeks to encroach on thought each day; but it is the truth about the lie.

A man sent out to plough wet snow on a freezing day should be instructed that he must keep ploughing, lest at any point the snow freeze up solid.