31-WATCH lest you feel that man is the master of divine power rather than its servant. False theology declares that Jesus was equipped with deific power, that he wielded to perform miracles as he chose. On page 119 of Science and Health Mrs. Eddy writes that man is but the humble servant of the restful Mind. When she went forth on the lecture platform she prayed: "Now, dear God, here I am. Use me. I am absent from the body and present with Thee in consciousness. Love uses me in its own good way. I would lift myself right out of the material sense of self and audience and let God use me." You must feel that divine power is using you. You must kneel in humility at the throne of God asking and seeking to be imbued with deific power. Then you can go forth and exercise that power with authority. But, you ask, is not this using divine power? Yes, but only as a servant who goes forth to do his master's bidding. Jesus might have been called Master, because above all others he permitted divine power to master him.