33-WATCH lest you cling to the "babe in Christ" or milk stage of Christian Science, continuing to apply spiritual power to produce human harmony, after the call has come to go up higher and become a man in Christ, ready for meat. The milk or "babe" stage of Science is the application of spiritual understanding to bring out health in matter. The meat of Science demands that we use material inharmony as a steppingstone to higher spiritual growth. Then we will not consider that God comes to help us in this dream, so much as to help us out of this dream. Mrs. Eddy once said to the advanced students in her home, "This demonstration to make matter build up is not Science." As soon as we are ready we should pledge ourselves to adopt the proposition, that we will not use spiritual power to destroy unpleasant error, as much as we use unpleasant error as a quickener to gain more spiritual power and understanding.

A father will keep his son's toys in repair while he is small; but as he grows older, the father insists that he begin to lay them aside, since he is becoming a man. Advancing footsteps in the Science of Mind require that we wean ourselves from all satisfaction in matter, until the joys of Mind are found to be sufficient to bring us all the satisfaction we need or crave. Once Mrs. Eddy said, "Earth hath nothing worth loving."