It was spring of 2003 when I located online the name of a Christian Science practitioner. For several weeks I had been experiencing a severe and unrelenting pain in my back and was unable to gain relief from several chiropractors or from the supposed pain killers prescribed by a medical doctor. I remembered the testimony of a friend who had had her back permanently healed through Christian Science, and I felt somewhat comfortable returning to Christian Science (my childhood church)--though I had changed churches long ago. I talked to the practitioner, explaining my CS background and explaining my problem--hoping she would work with me. She immediately set to work--surprising me with her quiet reassurances of God's All-ness and Love (surprising me because she was wholly unpersuaded to my viewpoint of pain and panic). I was inspired with hope and ready to stop the medications. She assigned me portions to read in the Bible and Science and Health, and, although I tried to tell her that I would be unable to overcome the pain sufficiently to follow through with such readings, she was gently insistent, and I did manage to read. I stayed in touch with her over the next several days via telephone--never meeting her until much later. And, during that short time, my ability to read her assignments and take notes during our conversations steadily improved. Within a few days, the experience of pain vanished completely and suddenly. I recall one moment standing, in pain, in my kitchen--holding onto the counter for support-- and the next moment feeling absolutely no pain--and feeling a little absurd for holding onto the counter. My children and husband were stunned. I now read everything I can find related to Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science, and I have hope that, someday, I might be able to offer to others the Truth and the Love--in knowledge and in demonstration-- that this practitioner offered to me!
Testifier: Pam Rogers, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.