Held in the Palm of God's Hand, by Myrtle Smyth

As many know, Myrtle Smyth lived and had her practice in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her talks are legendary and filled with the mother-love that all resonate with when healing is sought out. Myrtle lived and practiced in the war-torn area of Belfast, when there was much violence taking place. Her experiences and demonstrations in such an inhospitable (to human sense) environment were so inspiring to those that she has a shared her talks with. Nothing is impossible in Science, and Myrtle shows us just how that is, and can be manifested. 

Myrtle's talks inspire and heal many now as they have throughout the many countries she has lectured in. We also make available all 35 of her talks on CD here oaths website. This little volume has three of her talks transcribed. The first is Held in the Palm of God's Hand; the second, God's Law Redeems and Restores, and the last, Our True Environment, the Kingdom of Heaven. Treat yourself to this book or some of her talks. You will be the better for it. 

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