Made Whole Through Our Marriage to God

The culmination of Helen Wright's magnificent series on Mary Baker Eddy, God's Great Scientist is brought forth in Made Whole.
This book, Made Whole, challenges us to do the same-to awaken to our present perfection, to discover our wholeness and begin to use our untapped resources of power. Christian Science and the senses are at war, and nowhere do the senses contend more heatedly than on the charged issues surrounding sexuality and reproduction, addressed in this book.
Mary Baker Eddy's great revelation was that "the Christ, historically demonstrated by one man, is to be recognized as the Christ potentially demonstrated by ALL MEN." So momentous was this revelation that people of Mrs. Eddy's time could not accept it. She quickly learned she could only give people, openly, what her age had "strength to bear"; the rest Mrs. Eddy progressively hid away as she revised Science and Health, but she left the forthright first edition to point the way for those spiritually ready for deeper truths.
The pages of Made Whole pull back the veil to show us our present divinity. They help us realize our God-character so that our real Mind that is Love can begin to reveal to us that the only thing that matters is that we learn to love each other as Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy loved us. Understanding the power of our real Mind we will find ourselves whole. ISBN: 1-886505-04-7, 347 pp hardcover.
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