Star of Boston: The Life of Mary Baker Eddy, by Helen M. Wright

This remarkable book plumbs the breadth and significance of Mary Baker Eddy's incomparable life-work in a way no other biography has done. Understand the historical impact of a life in fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy of Isaiah, chapter 54. See how Mrs. Eddy's life is related throughout the inspired pictorial poem, Christ & Christmas. How does "Atonement and Eucharist" in Science and Health relate to Mrs. Eddy's life, as it most certainly does to our beloved Master's? This book will awaken in the spiritually-minded reader a deep appreciation of this unique woman, destined from the foundations of the world to bless humanity with the "Comforter" of which Jesus promised. (ISBN: 1-886505-12-8, Paperback, 270 pages)
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