Christian Science: Our Glorious Heritage, Where has it Gone? ? by Christeen Anderson

One of the most scholarly and inspired works ever done utilizing exact photographic reproductions of original source material to corroborate all that is laid forth for the student. This volume is actually a copmilation of Christeen Anderson's previous five books?The Beauty of Holiness, The Design of God, The Church Manual: Yesterday?Today?Forever, The Great Deception and Science Obscured. Her work covers the manifest changes made to Mrs. Eddy's sacred textbook after shel left us. Also, she illustrates the changes made to the Church Manual, again after she was gone. Other of the works contained in this volume reveal thorugh inspired pages the obscuring of the symbolism concerning our Leader. Any student of Christian Science will be awed at the concise synthesis of information that gets right to the point and shows how her directives have been compormised and controverted by those in positions of trust in her church.  Approximately 200 pages (although the book itself is not paginated from start to finish). Softcover

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