173-WATCH lest you call your brother a fool, and thus be in danger of hell fire. To hold anyone as being a channel for error, or animal magnetism, without rebuking such a picture and making nothing of it, is to call your brother a fool, since you are holding him as cut off from Mind, the only source of wisdom, and making error real. Since the entire purpose of all error is to cause you to acknowledge the reality of that which is not real, whatever tempts you to admit the existence of a power or person apart from God, becomes the immediate error to be destroyed, whether it appears in yourself or in another. For one to function under the belief of animal magnetism is for one to be in the fires of hell, since such a belief is on the road to final destruction. We naturally believe that we are progressing and becoming acquainted with the operation of error, when we discover mortals to be channels for animal magnetism, because this is a knowledge the world does not have. Yet this exposure does not destroy error, but merely shows what error is trying to make you believe in. The temptation to see others as channels for animal magnetism becomes aggravated in one's own household, since, if we live with those who are not Christian Scientists, they become more critical of us because of the high standard we profess. And they are not afraid to voice that which a stranger might see, and yet refrain from mentioning. Our household requires us to do more work to see them as perfect children of God, than do strangers, since we are more apt to harbor an unscientific sense of man without resisting it in our homes than outside. Our motive for uncovering and handling error in our homes should not be just for the sake of protecting ourselves. We should do it because we desire to release our brother man, if possible, from the unconscious servitude which lending oneself to being a channel for error always carries with it. It is true that you must admit your brother a fool, because he is functioning under a foolish mind, before you can know that his real self is wise because it is functioning under the unerring wisdom of God; but this first step is telling the truth about the lie, namely, that the acceptance of foolish mortal mind causes one to manifest foolishness-even though this be the testimony of a lie. It takes careful demonstration to change one's concept of one's nearest and dearest from being channels for error to being channels for God; but this must be done for one's own sake, as well as for the sake of one's family. You must hold your brother man as being a channel for an infinite blessing to you. You must declare and know that God is using him at all times to bless you, as well as to bless himself and others. Jesus' query, "Who made me a judge over you?" is a rebuke to the smug way we judge between people, calling one a channel for good and another a channel for evil. Jesus' statement can be paraphrased, "Do you credit me with harboring mortal sense, that I should declare that one mortal is better than another, when I know all men in reality to be children of God, and hence channels of good to each other and to me?" No error can seem real to you unless you are handled by it. All that is necessary to make animal magnetism appear real so that you are its victim, is to get you to accept the illusion that it is operating through some channel. Admit that it has a channel somewhere, anywhere, and you have admitted the entire claim.